Hold On, It May Not Be the End…Your Marriage Can Work

Does your marriage need help now? You may think that you’ll never be able to forgive, recover, or even survive the mess that you’re in. You may think it’s too late to save your marriage, but have you ever thought that it just may be the beginning? What if your arguments could actually save your relationship and become your BEST FRIEND?

The Next Time You Storm Out of the Room, Take Advantage of What It’s Telling You

As a “last-ditch effort” marriage therapist, and conflict resolution and affairs expert for over 28 years, I developed the First Argument Technique, a groundbreaking system that no other therapist is using. It will help you decide to stay with your spouse or leave, with effective tools specifically designed to help you with all phases of relationship recovery. I know for a fact that it works. As a relationship counselor, I’ve used this system to help heal the lives and relationships of hundreds of my clients dealing with the most severe marital problems, ranging from consistent fighting and distance, to cheating and long-term infidelity.

Turn the Worst Arguments of Your Life into the Beginning of Your Life

Your reward for using the First Argument Technique is that it will change your entire world. You’ll talk to your partner differently, see your partner differently, and the hot buttons will disappear. You’ll finally know what you’re really fighting about, end the destructive and repetitive argument cycle, heal the damage in your relationship, and even affair-proof your marriage. You can now turn the worst arguments that threaten to end your relationship, into the beginning of a whole new life and marriage. Learn More »

Conflict Doesn’t Mean the End – Invite it In!

Don’t sweep conflict under the rug. It contains valuable information about yourself and your relationship. The First Argument Technique helps you relate in a new way to your spouse that creates peace, harmony, and love, and LESS ARGUMENTS! In fact, future arguments will end quicker, and below-the-belt remarks, the need to be right, and excessive blaming and shaming will be a thing of the past. By using the First Argument Technique, conflict becomes a valuable tool that no longer threatens you and your marriage. It is the hand that opens the door to resolution and healing.

We Can Do This Together

I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and couples save their relationships, despite incredible odds, which include: communication problems; sex issues; money problems; anger management; and coping with, surviving, and forgiving a cheating spouse. And when the affair or other relationship issues have simply damaged the relationship beyond repair, I’ve helped individuals move on and recover from the emotional trauma. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together one month or 50 years, the First Argument Technique applies to all relationships, including those with your spouse, intimate partner, children, friends, family, colleagues, and even bosses. EVEN IF YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE IN YOUR MARRIAGE THAT IS READY TO STOP THE DESTRUCTIVE CYCLE AND SEEK HELP, YOU WILL STILL CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MARRIAGE. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOUR PARTNER! THE CHANGES THAT YOU MAKE WILL AFFECT YOUR MARRIAGE, WHETHER YOUR PARTNER PARTICIPATES OR NOT.

Who would ever think that a system could resolve the consistent battling with your spouse or help heal and survive the nightmare of a cheating spouse? Why wait another minute to stop the pain, break the cycle, and change your life?