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My husband and I fought constantly. We didn't understand that the horrible things we were saying to each other in each fight were slowly destroying our relationship...

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Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy

As an argument resolution and affairs in marriage expert, and licensed marriage family therapist in Santa Rosa, California, I work with individuals, couples, and families. I am best suited to work with individuals and couples with marital problems, including how to survive an affair, self-esteem issues, and those who want to improve their communication skills and change their lives. I offer an in-depth, practical approach to psychotherapy. I believe in people immediately having tools for change, so my clients begin improving their situation after their first session.

I am developer of the First Argument Technique, a groundbreaking, three-step argument resolution system that changes lives, heals relationships, and affair-proofs marriages by teaching couples how to stop arguing. When you work with me, you will learn how to transform your old, destructive relationship patterns into healthy patterns that will allow you to get the most out of your life. 

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Conflict Resolution Letter

Are you at your wit’s end with someone in your life? Do you have an unresolved issue with them that you KNOW you can’t talk to them about? What do you do?

Write a powerful and effective letter. It’s an excellent opportunity to communicate your feelings, send a clear and direct message, get your point across, and resolve the conflict, or just get closure. I can help you get your message across and be heard, which might mean opening the lines of communication, or in some cases, closing them – it’s all up to you.

My ear is tuned into hearing the judgmental and loaded words in a letter that will automatically put the receiver on the defensive, rendering them unable to hear the message that is being written. If written incorrectly, the recipient will most likely counter with an attack, responding with their own set of loaded words. Because there is so much negative charge in any form of verbal communication, a written communication allows you to take your pen in hand, write your letter, get your point across, and be heard. It’s a safer form of communication. Writing does not enhance the conflict – it deflates it or resolves it. Sometimes the only way to resolve conflict is through a letter.

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Most couples naively think they don’t need marital preparation. Maybe they haven’t experienced relationship hardships and don’t believe there will ever be problems. However, according to divorce statistics, 40 to 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the U.S. Without realizing it, most couples have unrealistic ideas about marriage perpetuated by fairy tales, movies, and fantasy novels. These misconceptions can render a couple helpless to resolve conflict, creating trouble and havoc when it suddenly appears in the marriage. These misconceptions can even lead to affairs in marriage.

According to Patricia and Gregory Kuhlman of Marriage Success Training, “research shows that there is a window of opportunity during the year before the wedding and the six months or so after when couples get the optimum benefit from marriage preparation. Later, under stress, negative habits and relationship patterns may become established and be much harder to resolve. If you just wing it and count on your luck and romantic attachment to make your marriage a success, your odds are only one in four.” According to research, pre-marital counseling can reduce the risk of divorce by up to 30% and lead to a happier and healthier marriage. And the healthiest marriages are those where the couple can negotiate their differences by using argument resolution techniques.

Here’s what you’ll learn in pre-marital counseling:

  1. Fair fighting.
  2. Your core issue and the First Argument Technique.
  3. Keeping your partner from becoming your enemy.
  4. Staying current.

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Wine Country Weddings

Sharon is a couples therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area and a non-denominational clergy who performs wedding ceremonies in the counties of Sonoma and Napa in the heart of the breathtaking Northern California Wine Country. Sharon’s ceremonies are thoughtfully and meticulously created based on your needs and preferences. Whether an elegant, sophisticated, or casual wedding—indoors or outdoors— Sharon’s ceremonies reflect the love and joy that you feel and wish to express to one another.

To get started, Sharon will meet with you in person to discuss the particulars. Then, at least six months before the wedding, Sharon will work with you to create a ceremony, which may include ritual, traditions from any denomination, poems, songs, writing your own vows, or even traditional and standard vows and ceremony. Next, Sharon will meet with you one month before the event to finalize the ceremony. Sharon will then attend the rehearsal, officiate the wedding, and sign and mail your marriage license after the wedding.

Not only will you get the benefit of a minister with excellent public speaking skills, you’ll also receive Sharon’s valuable expertise as a licensed marriage family therapist in Santa Rosa, California and an argument resolution expert. Thus, if you find yourselves bombarded with wedding-related dilemmas, or family or relationship issues, Sharon can also provide you with effective tools to deal with the conflict.

Sharon is a family and marriage counselor in Santa Rosa, California and has written books on arguing and affairs in marriage.

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